AFS WING WILF - Aile wing

La nouvelle AFS WILF est la dernière génération des ailes wingfoil.



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  • Ultra-rigid canopy
  • Compact design
  • Reinforced construction
  • Wide range of use
  • Accessible, versatile and efficient

Quel programme ?

This wing has been designed to suit all practitioners of different levels! It is a versatile wing that has response and rebound for a freestyle program, as well as a stable profile for those practicing freefly.

Quelle taille choisir ?

<65kg 65-70kg 70-75kg 75-80kg 80-85kg 85-90kg >90kg
10-20 knots 4m 4m 5m 5m 5m 6m 6m
>20 knots 2.8m 2.8m 3.4m 3.4m 3.4m 4m 4m

Quel combo pour deux wings ?

We often recommend the following combos:

  • 6m / 4m
  • 5m / 3.4m
  • 4m / 2.8m


2.8 3.4 4 5 6
wingspan 2.5m 2.7m 2.9m 3.3m 3.65m
Range of use 20 – 40 knots 18 – 35 knots 15 – 35 knots 10 – 28 knots 8 – 22 knots

Combien a-t-elle de poignées ?

The 2.8, 3.4, 4 and 5 m have 2 handles. The 6 my 3 handles.


The spinnaker is the Teijin T9669, reference in the world of kitesurfing, allowing to bring an increased solidity. Various reinforcements have been added to the leading edge providing abrasion resistance. After various tests, the positioning of these reinforcements was done in a practical and thoughtful way in order to have one of the lightest WINGS on the market.

Qu'est ce qui est inclus ?

The Wing is sold in its transport bag, with its leash, its repair kit and its end of the harness.

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